More flexibility

16 – 22

Passenger seats


Easily customizable passenger compartment


Wheelchair access


Personal service modules and USB connections integrated in the seat shell

Designed for maximum flexibility

Our multifunctional buses can be easily transformed to meet any transport need.

These buses can be uses as tourist or line buses or easily converted to accommodate wheelchair access or storage of oversized luggage. It is an excellent combination of comfort and functionality for long journeys and a flexibility to adapt it for special needs. Even more attractive in terms of functionality, if you chose a model extended by 400 mm.

We can customize our products to fit your needs

If you need different modification of minibus, we are ready to come up with the solution that suits your needs the best. Our sales team will assist you in defining your needs, the R&D engineers will create a solution, while the production unit will ensure timely delivery of the top-quality product.